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Fund your stay in the land of sun and samba


The name conjures up images of Carnival, sun, and miles and miles of beaches populated by impossibly beautiful people.

Brazil is all this...and so much more!

If you'd like to spend an extended time in Brazil, but need a way to fund your visit, consider teaching English. The market is huge, the pay is decent, and the work isn't that hard - in fact, it's often a lot of fun!

In this soup-to-nuts, video-based course, I'll tell you what you need to know to be successful teaching English here in Brazil, PLUS share with you lots of helpful information about what it's like to live here day to day. I'll show you how to maximize your fun, while minimizing your expenses!

Skip the hassles and missteps and cut right to the fun stuff!

Check out the curriculum below for details. There truly is no other course out there like this one. Let me, the guy who's done it, show you the way.

Um abraço, amigo!

Come on down!

"This course really explains all the possible ways to teach in Brazil and how to deal with even the smallest problems. It has good tips and most important access to some useful websites. I really liked the fact that it not only provides information about where to go and how to look for jobs, but it actually gives some tips to be a good teacher.

It's the best information source you can get, written by a person who has truly gone through everything in the course."

Daiga Geizane

Daiga Geizane


Course Curriculum


Module Introductions (3:05)
Why come to Brazil? (13:52)
Types of teaching jobs (6:48)
How much can you make? (12:46)
Teaching requirements (7:27)
Where should you teach (cities)? (7:43)
When should you come? (3:50)
Visas (6:48)
Brazil on balance (3:07)
Developing a strategy (11:18)
Notes and bonuses (12:38)


Module Introductions (2:48)
Create a timeline (1:33)
Save up a cushion(6:07)
Learn some Portuguese (6:19)
Should you earn a teaching certificate? (4:51)
Passports and visas (3:23)
Health insurance and vaccinations (5:53)
Jumpstart your job search (6:09)
Arranging temporary lodging (3:43)
What should you bring (11:46)

BONUS: One-on-one coaching session

How to schedule your coaching session


Module Introduction (1:12)
At the airport (13:37)
 Get oriented (5:27)
Getting a cell phone (7:24)
Find more permanent lodging (19:33)

Working with schools

Module Introductions (7:18)
Beginning the search from back home (|8:02)
Beginning your on-the-ground search (4:22)
Schools and work visas (2:29)
The hiring process (3:54)
Pros and cons of working for a school (4:40)

Working independently

Module Introductions (2:23)
Deciding on a niche (8:07)
What should you charge? (8:48)
Creating policies (12:05)
Marketing yourself (11:27)
Working independently vs for a school (6:05)

Teaching tips

Module Introductions (5:22)
Being organized (4:56)
Assessing new students (15:20)
The Brazilian psyche (7:39)
Teaching grammar (17:09)
Conversation classes (9:20)
Pronunciation: introduction (9:16)
Pronunciation: long E vs short I (7:09)
Pronunciation: TH sounds (9:57)
Pronunciation: verbs ending in -ed (12:11)

Living in Brazil

Module Introductions (1:32)
Lodging (20:09)
Food and drink (27:09)
Transportation (10:31)
Health and safety (7:47)
Regions and cultures (12:19)
The beach! (9:43)
Music (5:22)
Budgeting (5:14)
Managing without a bank account (7:17)

Staying on long-term

Module Introductions (1:23)
Getting a CPF (3:00)
Permanent visas (9:06)
Health insurance (6:23)
Othre ways to make money (16:55)
Dealing with the slow season (6;40)
Income taxes (4:19)


"...I bought the course and I have to say, very detailed and worth every penny. ...I should be in Rio by March sometime to stay for the long haul I hope."

Nick Ferreira

Nick Ferreira



      One 20-minute one-on-one coaching session with John. Get your specific questions or concerns addressed. Ensure that your start off on the right foot. Ask the guy who's been doing it for 10+ years!


John is a US citizen who has been teaching English to Brazilians since 2008. In addition to teaching English, John writes freelance. He has written extensively for Transitions AbroadInternational Living, Expat.com, and Live and Invest Overseas. He is the author of Live Well in Rio: The Untourist Guide, available on Amazon.

Are you interested but not quite ready to pull the trigger? Send questions to John at john@teachenglishinbrazil.com.

John Clites


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